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Robotic hand

A rather funky combination of LEGO here, being useful in creating a prosthetic.

Unfortunately, all I can imagine is a world of LEGO-based Terminators...


Nice idea. Very nice pun.

Here, as the URL suggests, is a plotter made from LEGO. It uses the image from the laptop, naturally, with a mindstorms kit under the, er, hood.

I'm just surprised he didn't try rendering the Mona Lisa.

R2D2 - Remote control

With all those meta tags, you know this is going to be good. And with a Star Wars connection, I'm sure of lots of extra visitors :)

In truth, I'm more impressed by the model, than the robotic element. It must be a heavy model, so it moves far to slowly to be impressive, but this is offset by the attention to detail and rather accurate ratios.

Also, there was an RC-R2D2 with inbuilt DVD player I saw many years ago. Maybe that's his next step...


If you're reading the URL, you already know what's coming. Basically (and I used that term advisedly; there's nothing basic about this model) it's a fully working version of the beloved CGi robot. The arms and head retract. It moves around. And looks cute.

After seeing this, I know we're another step closing to building a LEGO report capable of fetching us a beer from the fridge :)

Rubik Cube Solver

So, there are a number of Rubik cube solves around - some fake, some not - but this is one of my favourite. The elegance of the robots design indicates how simple the cube really is, since it only ever needs to rotate a single slice. The trick then becomes how to position the appropriate slice at the bottom, a much simpler task in robotics.

The victory roll at the end, is also a nice touch.

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