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One of the models that raises the game of a level builder is a ball. Or sphere. Or globe. Call it what you will, but the idea of building something round from square blocks is intriguing. If you're not able, or willing, to spend the time designing a model, Mariann had made the plans available, for free, here:

My personal attempt is pictured above.

Things to note: it takes _a lot_ of bricks. For such a small ball, which fits in the palm of my hand, there's enough bricks to make it an interesting 'guess the bricks' competition in the pub. (Which I did!) Consequently, you might only have enough pieces for half a ball, and be forced into adapting the result (like I did) by pretending it's a space probe, to justify the dual colouring and translucent 1x1 flat pieces.

Also, it requires some really odd 'L' shaped pieces. They're probably more common in the modern sets, but there's a lot of them, and quite hard to come by. They're necessary to hold up the layer above it, while still being fixed to the layer below. I had none of these bricks! Consequently, it's really difficult to build. What I did was fake it with a 1x2 and a 1x1, and wait until the layer above was built, and then adapt the bricks to support it from above (rather than below). Naturally, this is easier once you pass the halfway mark.

Overall, it took just over an hour to source and build the model. Well worth it! Thank you Mariann for a wonderful guide :)