Flappy Bird in LEGO

I didn't have many bricks left.. and certainly not enough orange ones.. so instead of not doing something, I decided to build Flappy Bird, and be damned if anyone complains!

LEGO Bridge


Here's one of those moments that you wish you'd thought of yourself... Megx painting a bridge to look like some bricks :)

For 'V' Day

Since you all expect a LEGO heart to appear here today, I thought I should oblige...

Silicone notebook

This isn't LEGO branded, so is allowed under the auspices of 'punk'. It's a simple studded notepad, with two removable flaps. These can be used to clasp the book shut, decorate the cover, or go around the spine. However, in the case of the latter, I've found that edge is slightly too wide, and the silicone pops off.

But otherwise, a neat idea, a lovely present idea ;)

Gingerbread house - Brick by brick

Another one of my stop-motion pieces. This one was a bit more adventurous by my moving the model around while building it.


A rounder roundel

When home from the AFOL meetup, I had another go at building a rounder roundel...

A few more bricks, and a little more time, and I think I'll get quite good at it!

London AFOL

For some reason, LEGO has always been appealing.

And, since I was 16, so has good beer.

But it took until this week before I was able to combine the two by meeting other AFOLs. In a pub. In London!


Drawing machine

This is the area I normally write a short blurb about the thing in the image.

This time, however, I'm just going to tell you to visit the site below to watch the video to see, for real, how the model is built and manages to draw (plotter-style) its images.



LEGO Bracelet

I am completely bias, but the instructable covering this bracelet goes into all the detail you could possibly want about the act of drilling some holes...


LEGO Lady Ada Lovelace

Nuff said...


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