LEGO in London - Day 4

Yes, I know ‏@madebyluke is using instagram, but let's not hold that against him ;)

LEGO in London - Day 3

Yes... it's a map of the world :)

LEGO in London - Day 2

More pictures made by Luke (geddit) - beginning to show form now...

LEGO in London - Day 1

You're not expected to work it out yet, but if you're in London (South Bank) then stop by and say hello.

Picture courtesy of Luke Harrison - games developer, LEGO builder, friend, colleague, bassist, and general purpose geek :)

LEGO as social comment

While I do have an iPhone (well, strictly speaking it's an iPod Touch) and I do _quiet_ like it, this represents the blind obedience that so many have when it comes to the shiny of Apple.

Thanks for Oscar for passing it on!


A sundial

Essentially, a subdial is nothing more than a stick which casts a shadow. This model makes use of the LEGO's geometry to make the interpretation of the shadow easy and natural.


OMG! A rainbow!!

For the impressive size, and over-arcing (pun intended) rainbow, as well as the ark beneath it.


A return from holiday

And I find it's raining, and cold.

Not a fun walk, today :(

LEGO Tangrams

The studs on LEGO bricks severly limit the scope for creating interlocking puzzles, but here's an idea that makes it bearable. No idea of how it handles in practise, though.

Sliding puzzle

So, I presume this is LEGO - the base looks like it. And I'm assuming it's fully functionality (although I can't see how the puzzle should be played.)



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