What is it? (number 2)

So what is this building _supposed_ to be? And where is it?

What is it - answer?

A deck chair!

Very simple model, only made complicated by getting the pivot points exactly right.


What is it?


Here's a simple model that turns into another simple model.

Can you tell what?

(Answer image next week...)

Clever LEGO Storage (part V)

Again, just a stick of bricks, to be honest. But, oh boy, what a control panel it'd make!

Clever LEGO Storage (part IV)

Too large to be stacked vertically, so this triangular mesh (mess?) is necessary.

Clever LEGO Storage (part III)

I say 'clever', it's just a set of hinges!

Clever LEGO Storage (part II)

Who knew you needed so many of these... whatever they're called... bits for the front of 80's spaceships.




Clever LEGO Storage (part I)

The first in a short series of images showing how identical bricks can be stacked and connected, to make finding them easier.

Minimalist logo

Such is the company's iconography, that it can be told in so few bricks!


LEGO Chrome Dinosaur

This is side profile build of the dinosaur that appears when Chrome experiences a problem. Simple, effective, and easy enough for a kid to build...


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